Integrated is a National provider of debt management and mercantile services and is an Australian owned and operated solution based accounts receivable management company. We provide collection services to some of Australia’s leading companies, across many industries, including Finance, Telecommunications, Insurance, Utilities, Automotive, Retail, Healthcare, and more.

“We endeavour to collect all debts during the initial collection cycle to minimize costs and utilize our in house legal team should proceedings be issued.”

Debt Collection Agency

Together with Quality Accreditation we ensure stringent control of compliance, innovation and unwavering customer service.

We control all parameters of the debt collection process from the location of a debtor, receivables management, issuing demand letters, making telephone demands, to serving the debtor with legal documents that can be issued by our legal team.

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Our team are expert in obtaining payments promptly and negotiating outcomes to minimize further action, such as potential litigation. We pride ourselves on unremitting delivery of customer service, professionalism and expertise. We strive for the best possible results for our customers and also working with non-payers to ensure reasonable and best outcomes.

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Integrated offers services on a National basis in the area of Debt Management, Legal Services, Service of legal documents, Location and skip tracing and door knocks.

Debt Recovery Management

End to end services with one agency!

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locAtion / skip tracing

Our highly skilled team can assist you in locating a witness or missing individuals.

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field calls / document

Our field operatives are highly skilled and trained in order to engage with individuals to gain best outcomes.

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No collection
No Commission

We can assist with recovery of all types of debt related matters

  • Amounts can range from $50 to $100,000+

Integrated is an Australian owned and operated company with a successful history in the industry. We are focused on delivery of results, customer service and continuous innovation. Read More →

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