Debt Recovery Management

Our range of debt management and recovery services can assist your receivables administration and bad debt problems.

We offer pre collection packages such as reminder letters and telephone calls. Where a more insistent approach is required to maximize results we would send demand letters and following up telephone calls in anticipation of satisfying the debt.

We have developed a simple yet effective approach to maximize collection success, however, we are aware that each client will have specific requirements and we tailor packages according to our client’s needs and budget.

“At Integrated we endeavour to collect all debts during the initial collection cycle to minimise costs and use our in-house legal firm as a last resort.”

Document Service & Field Calls

A field call or door knock is useful for making face to face contact with a debtor.

It is also important to not only meet the debtor and/or person of importance to confirm residency, make demands for payment, update contact information, access ones financial ability or to sight goods such as assets of value to assist with further recovery action.

We are highly skilled in regards to conducting face to face interviews and our operatives are full cognisant of all rules and regulations.

“As representatives of our client we pride ourselves on our excellent standard of service and diligence in protecting the good will and reputation of our clients.”

Locations & Skip Tracing

Our agents have extensive expertise in this field. We ensure that our operatives sign a service level agreement, which outlines our stringent code of conduct and focus on compliance.

We adhere to instructions and seek information that assists our clients to make sound, commercial decisions based on the facts obtained.

At Integrated we have a team of highly skilled operatives who specialise in the location of debtors or missing individuals on a national basis.We are compliant in the requirements of National Privacy Laws and all legislative requirements.

Process Outsourcing - Reminder Calls & Letters

Maintaining a worthy relationship and communication channel with the client.

Where a softer approach is required to reduce the delinquency of your outstanding customers, we offer a service whereby we send specially designed letters to assist with collection of monies.

“At Integrated, we specialise in process outsourcing solutions designed to streamline your business operations. With a focus on reminder calls and letters, we ensure timely communication to your clients, helping you maintain strong relationships and optimise efficiency. Our dedicated team handles the intricacies of reminder management, allowing you to focus on your core objectives while we handle the rest. Trust us to enhance your customer engagement and retention through our reliable reminder services.”


Improving your chances of recovery, by being well connected!

We at Integrated, have access to state of the art databases and can deliver Credit reports, ASIC Company and Business Searches, Land Title and many more.

IRSA Legal

IRSA Legal is Integrated’s in house law firm. Specialised at navigating the complex landscape of debt resolution and backed by years of experience. IRSA Legal specialises in providing comprehensive legal services tailored to the needs of creditors.