Integrated is a National provider of debt collection and mercantile services, investigations and location enquiries.

Our objectives are to develop and continue to improve the business together with meeting client’s requirements and expectations to supply services to cost however there being no compromise on quality.

To support our objectives we have established a documented quality management system complying with International Standard ISO 9001”SAI Global”.

Our mandate is to operate in a fully compliant method determined to minimize reputational risk thus protecting both our clients’ and our brand name.

The quality process in place and our philosophy of continuous improvement of its processes and systems guarantees our focus remains on quality and innovation.

Training our personnel is of paramount importance in order to maintain their skills and competence in the industry together with the implementation, maintenance and enhancement of the quality system.

All staff and management actively support the Company’s determination and commitment to continual innovation and improvement in order to maintain our reputation for professionalism and quality customer service.

Integrated is an Australian owned and operated company with a successful history in the industry. We are focused on delivery of results, customer service and continuous innovation. Read More →

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